Our Attractions

Bountiful nature has bestowed on the area of Malakkara myriad attractions that would leave you awed and wonderstruck.

The richness of flora and fauna as well as the nature's variegated splendour would offer you ample reasons to linger on in this divinely charming location. Manmade attractions are also galore in the vicinity. The sight of rolling hills and peasants working on plantations would certainly prove breath-taking for you. Nothing can compare with the innate beauty of the place. Coupled with the host of modern amenities offered by our Retreat, your pleasure trip would become something to cherish for long.

Malakkara has the epithet of 'Land of Pure Air'. You can understand the essence of this when inhaling the pure, non-toxic air filtered by the natural herbs and made radiant by the rays of sun. Nature is in its full glory. Nestled in the lap of splendour, Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence is equipped with all modern amenities which would also keep the bond with your present lifestyle intact. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this place has the potential of leveraging your innate vitality. Sporadic monuments and other remnants of the glorious past are in the vicinity which you can cover in a single day's trip. Welcome aboard!!

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Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence
Malakkara P.O., Aranmula Village,
Pathanamthitta District Kerala 689532, India
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+91 94 95 50 66 50, 94 00 05 66 50