Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence

We would be delighted to have you as our guests to come and enjoy the serenity, comfort and tranquillity, which 'De Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence' has to offer. We intend this to be your home away from home.

The Experiences

We have crafted an unalloyed experience for you at Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence. Commune with nature at its untamed grandeur at the serene location of Malakkra in Aranmula.

The Land of Malakkara

Malakkara has the epithet of 'Land of Pure Air'. You can understand the essence of this when inhaling the pure, non-toxic air filtered by the natural herbs and made radiant by the rays of sun.

Nearby Attractions

The sight of rolling hills and peasants working on plantations would certainly prove breath-taking for you. Nothing can compare with the innate beauty of the place. Coupled

Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence offers all amenities needed for luxurious living.
Rejuvenate your spirits with lease of fresh life in this 'Land of Pure Air'.

Want to see more?

Any visitor's delight is the eye-soothing sceneries and here your craving for the same will be quenched.

Our Facilities

Our services and facilities always fall in line with the guest's anticipations we have sought all possible moral means for the same.

Pamper your taste buds

Be safe and tension-free

Travel and see around




"Exclusively for families, the skilfully strewed property where Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence is nestled welcomes you to relax, revive and revitalize."

  • A clam and nice place to stay with a river front view. Well arranged rooms. Great hosts.
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  • Excellent place to spend your vacations.
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  • Calm and peaceful place. Good for couples and family.
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Charlie's Pampa Reminiscence
Malakkara P.O., Aranmula Village,
Pathanamthitta District Kerala 689532, India
+91 9495281067